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Living with MODY


People who have MODY need to be correctly diagnosed in order to lead a healthier life. The major goal for treating MODY is the same as for other forms of diabetes – to keep blood sugars as balanced and healthy as possible. This is often easier for MODY patients than it is for patients with types 1 and 2 diabetes.


There are several different types of MODY, and the treatment a patient receives depends on what type of MODY they have. For example some types of MODY can be treated with changes in diet and exercise. Other types of MODY are treated with oral medicines. There are also types of MODY that must be treated with insulin. Once a person is diagnosed with MODY, his or her doctor will help that person get the right type of treatment.


If you or your child has symptoms that could be caused by MODY, talk with a doctor about whether or not genetic testing might be the right choice. This can help you or your child get the right treatment for the disease.


Patient Case Study: 3 Month-old Boy1


Patient Case Study: 10 Year-old Girl2


Patient Case Study: 14 Year-old Girl3


Patient Case Study: Child and Family4


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